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In today's global economy, a smooth flow of goods is essential to the success of your company. That's why we're dedicated to handling your freight in a quick and cost effective manner. As a full-service international freight forwarder,consolidator, NVOCC and Customs broker headquartered in the United States , TGL takes pride in being there for you, every step of the way.
We are in a traffic-active world. People hope the cargo they need flow to their hands by their willing accurately.Therefore, this is what TGL concentrates in and what we are doing. As a well-famed cargo


TGL , one of the world foremost cargo forwarding & logistics companies under the licenses of NVOCC, IATA & FIATA, was founded in July, 1997 by Mr. David Chan, a well-known estate agent, Mr. J.S. Wen, a renowned banker, as well as Mr. Arthur Chen, a celebrated cargo forwarding specialist with 15 years experience in the field.
TGL's capital was around US$600,000 at the very beginning. Primary local staffs umbered 15. All with more than ten years working

Air freight:
•Inbound & Outbound
• Delivery & pick-up
•  Customs clearance & formality
•  Documentation in normal or under L/Cs and quota items
•  Packing, crating & breaking down
•  Insurance
•  Sorting & inspection
•  Storage & distribution
•  Groupage
•  Project freight